The Morning Stallion

The God of Impulse and Bravery

“The Morning Stallion affects the wishes of all people upon the break of each new day.”

Favored Weapon: The Lance

Holy Symbol: An image of a charging horse

Legends tell that the Morning Stallion charges fiercely across the sky every day, racing the sun as it moves across the sky. Old wive’s tales say that if you catch sight of him at dawn, right in front of the sun as it rises, he’ll grant you your fondest wish… but staring into the sun has thus far only granted people blindness. Yurdrig is seen by the dwarves and humans who venerate him to be the eternal explorer, charging into danger and the unknown with little more thought than most men give to breathing. Stories say he faces endless dangers, confronts endless adversaries, and charges through whatever problems he faces on a journey to a destination only he knows. The various Sects of Yudrig all share one common trait: one is encouraged to explore the unknown and take risks and chances. Yudrig favors the bold, or so his clergy say.

The Gladiators: Yudrig’s Gladiators are clergy devoted to emulating their god in pure prowess. They believe that the way to gain Yudrig’s blessing is to prove oneself against greater and greater foes, and continually seek out stronger and stronger adversaries in life to endlessly face and struggle against, until they triumph over them or die trying. This is not to say that the Gladiators are all warriors; one may face greater adversaries in games of chance, or even rarely in the lofty realms of academia. But predominately, the Gladiators are called to spill blood; to kill and die as proof of their skill in facing the threats the world may present towards them.

Yudrig’s Domains: Glory, Sun, Travel, Good (Alignment Permitting), Evil (Alignment Permitting)

Faiths and Powers


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