The Gorging Host

The God of Thirst and Plenty

Favored Weapon: Trident

Holy Symbol: The cut branch of a flowering tree, or a symbolic representation of one.

“The Gorging Host grows ever larger yet remains insatiable, His eyes awash in tears.”

The Gorging Host is both the great glutton as well as symbolic for the need for moderation. He is seen by many as a god of fertile harvest and often prayed to for success in the fields. However, many of those who venerate him tell that any blessings he offers are never due to any outright benevolence but rather self-interest; Roathus is driven to ensure the production of ever more because it is commonly believed it is in his nature to consume all he sees. Indeed it may be possible that he cannot see something without coveting it: those farms stricken by destitution are said to have attracted the Gorging Host’s attention, which lead to him devouring the fruits of their farmhands.

That Roathus is a god of farmers and of growth is almost without doubt in the minds of people in the civilized world. Yet few of his folowers, even within the same sect, agree on why ancient legends insistently refer to him as the the Gorging Host. Of all the gods, Roathus is perhaps the only one who has never in recorded history physically manifested. This has led to speculation. A common tragic legend is that Roathus is the host of great and lavish parties for the other gods, which inevitably end in him devouring more of the food and imbibing more of the drink than anyone else, and then attempting to consume even his own guests. However others believe that Roathus is referred to as “Host” because he never manifests physically, but possesses and compels mortals to consume in his name (Gorging through a “host”). Still others believe that his is meant to serve as an example to mortal life: to strongly control our own needs and biological impulses lest be become an unwilling host to an indulgent excess. There are many more outlooks on Roathus as a host, and his behavior as well…

The Flood: The Flood is a sect of followers of Roathus who believe in honoring the Gorging Host by emulating him. The fulfillment and consumption of emotional and physical desires is considered the most holy pursuit. The Flood teach that life is meant to be enjoyed, over and over again. They have many holy rituals centered around great feasts, powerful intoxicants, and enormous orgies. “To be blessed by Roathus is to savor each moment.” is one of their core teachings.

The Famine: The Famine are a sect of priests who believe that Roathus and the stories and legends around him are meant to be a grim objective lesson; a fate to be avoided. To them, self control and restraint are holy. To use without need is to risk losing something you may suffer for the want of later. To use one’s means for the sake of others is holy. Self-denial and abstinence are considered difficult, yet sacred, struggles to be fought in every person’s life, and the blessings of such are that one will not have to suffer the repercussions of their unnecessary actions. And in restraining oneself in this life, one prepares their spirit for the afterlife. While the teachings of The Famine are not popular among most of the world, they are nonetheless one of the more charitable sects of Roathus church, and commonly welcome anywhere.

Roathus’ Domains: Water, Plant, Magic, Good (Alignment Permitting), Evil (Alignment Permitting)

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