Rick's Old World Writings

The Pontificate of Lemaign – A powerful religious order that exalts Lemaign over all other gods. Has an extensive set of rules that promote both order and despair. The high pontiffs are actually undead who live forever atop golden thrones.

The Emerald Vault – It’s an open secret that the largest bank in the old world, the Emerald Vault, is run by an enterprising and ancient green dragon, although other observers speculate that it is actually a group of dragons working in tandem. Regardless, the Emerald Vault has offices in every major city, many smaller towns, and numerous branches and investments. It’s more stable than any other bank, not in the least because bank robbers have a tendency to turn up later as mutilated corpses, but the same could be said of those who borrow a lot of money from the Vault and fail to pay it back. Lately they have been financing expeditions into the New World, and setting up a few modest branches.

The Empire of Altair – Situated in the corner of the Old Continent, Altair is a large, proud, prosperous country of humans, dwarves, and their slave halflings and gnomes. The country has managed to remain free of the the influence of powerful outsiders or magical creatures such as dragons and liches through a combination of aggressive trade, a large standing army, a rabid pro-human/anti-monster ideology, and the convenient fact that the Academy of Mages is located deep within its borders. It is ruled by the noble house of Whytehall, a dynasty that has endured for almost a thousand years. They are passively hostile towards most of their neighboring countries due to their rulers being monsters, outsiders, magical creatures, or undead. Seeking an edge to use against their neighbors, they have invested heavily in expeditions to the new continent.

Caliphate of Khaeed – A secretive kingdom of deserts and rivers, ruled by a line of noble Djinn exiled from the Elemental Planes. They are served by djinni enforcers, and command a vast humanoid underclass that worships them like gods. Spends most of their time engaged in a war with the rival nation of Samar, a smaller country ruled by a sorcerer-king.

Rick's Old World Writings

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