The Wakeful Bull

The God of Commotion and Order

“The Wakeful Bull, patient yet temperamental, adorns many city walls with His likeness.”

Favored Weapon: Spiked Shield

Holy Symbol: A Golden Bull

Pyth is the Wakeful Bull, ever patient and diligent in his duties, but easily angered and frustrated. When his rage overflows, nothing can stand in his way. As the patron of Order, Pyth is the symbol of civilization and society. Some of the greatest cities of the lands around the Capitol adorn their walls with his symbol, and many lawkeepers invoke his protection. However, he is also the deity of Commotion: anarchists, usupers, and those who seek to sew discord or mischief also invoke him. Unlike most of the other ten gods, Pyth rarely takes a truly humanoid form in written history, appearing most often as a supernaturally large and powerful red bull. Sometimes he appears as a Minotaur or a great barrel-chested man. No matter what form he takes, he always has a ring in his nose.

The Wakeful Bull is said to grant greater strength to his followers, and thus is a deity favored by soldiers, warriors, and those who desire inner strength. Pyth is one of the trinity of gods, along with Lemaign and Yudrig, commonly venerated by guards, soldiers, and sellswords. Pyth is said to protect those around him and enforce order and authority. But at the same time his indignation at those who break the laws causes him to erupt at those who break laws and oaths. At times his wrath at such things causes unnecessary destruction and disorder. Pyth is represented by a Golden Bull. Superstition says that graven images and effigies of this figure are said to attract his attention and protect those who erect them. Pyth is said to be a guardian to those who keep his traditions and is a symbol of order among communities who venerate him, but has little tolerance for outsiders. And in stories those who break his rules feel the full extent of his wrath, with no restraint or mind for the repercussions.

The Judges: The Judges are the most well known of The Wakeful Bulls’ clerics. They are those charged with passing judgement upon lawbreakers and keeping the peace. Although not all Judges are lawkeepers, those that are are both respected and feared for they are seen as walking the path of the Wakeful Bull himself. In absence of any proper way of passing judgement or any formal legal system, a Judge may subject those accused guilty of lawbreaking to the Bullhead Court, a ritualistic trial by fire where the accused is given a shield and must defend themselves against whatever threats the Judge may bring down upon them. If they survive, they are proclaimed innocent. Failure to survive the rigors of this trial are seen to prove their guilt.

It is worth noting that the Bullhead Court is not formally recognized as a legal procedure in most civilized areas of dwarven and human society.

The Stampede: In many ways the counterbalance to the Judges, the Stampede are a loosely-collected, disorderly pack Pyth-worshippers who believe that harmony is embodied by change at all costs. Although they are fiercely individual, a majority of the Stampede believe that the Capitol and the nations surrounding it have grown stagnant and corrupt, and seek to bring about changes. At their best they are comparable to radical social activists, and at their worst they are terrorists. Regardless, they seek to bring about loud commotion and disruption, believing that the greatest agent of change is chaos itself.

Pyth’s Allowed Domains: Law (Alignment Permitting), Chaos (Alignment Permitting), War, Community, Strength

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