The Carefree Son

The God of Chance and Whim

“Alive forever in a single moment, the Carefree Son plays beyond the reach of time.”

Favored Weapon: Starknife

Holy Symbol: A Pinwheel

The Carefree Son is said to be first child of Micia and the only child who will never return to her embrace. Fond of games of chance and skill, Olak is said to bless those who take risks and manage to catch his fleeting attention. Olak does not follow the rules of time as others do, but it is not entirely understood how or why. He has an immense knowledge of history. His faithful have records of many of his known appearances and in many situations he appears to speak of future events as if they have already happened, or past events as if they are yet to come. One of the greater disputes among his followers is if he has some ability to traverse time as man traverses the land around him, or if Olak simply perceives all things as happening at once, or something else entirely.

Of all the 8 Gods, Olak is perhaps the most frequent to manifest in the mortal world. He is said to take on one of two different forms: that of a middle aged gambler carrying cards, and that of a young boy at play, surrounded by toys. Many believe, either correctly or incorrectly, that he is the most comprehensible of the 8 Gods. Within dwarven and human culture Olak is commonly considered a trickster, many legends surrounding Olak involving him meddling in mortals lives or affairs somehow. Often these stories end darkly.

The Entertainers: The Entertainers are the most common of Olak’s faithful, who believe that it is their calling to entertain those around them. In doing so they hope to emulate Olak and thus gain his favor.

Olaki Allowed Domains: Luck, Air, Trickery, Law (Alignment Permitting), Chaos (Alignment Permitting)

Faiths and Powers


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