The Mason King

The God of Hope and Despair

“Before each battle, soldiers pray that the Mason King grant them high morale.”

Favored Weapon: The Warhammer

Holy Symbol: The Hammer

Lemaign is perhaps the least understood of the ten gods worshipped by the civilized races. Soldiers see him as a champion of causes, especially those that seem futile, and there are numerous stories which tell of him somehow guiding what seems to be a lost battle into a glorious victory. There are many who revere him as a god of battle: a symbolic figurehead that destroys the deluded hope of his enemies and inspires those whose causes he supports. At the same time, however, The Mason King is said to be the Most Glorious Craftsman and ancient legends identify him as the Patron who helped the dwarves and humans rise up to the positions of dominance that they enjoy today. The common folk believe in Lemaign as the most benevolent of the gods, showing particular favoritism to the two races stories tell he loves most. His clergy make no attempts to dissuade them of these notions.

However, this is rather far from the truth. Lemaign, like the other gods, shows no interest in the affairs of mortals beyond that which furthers the causes of Hope and Despair and its own inscrutable purposes. To the minds of many mortals who have witnessed his power, Lemaign appears to act at random, blessing some causes while dooming others to failure with no apparent reason to his choices. However, those that Lemaign bestows the most power into learn to understand the truth: That there is nothing random about how Lemaign acts. Lemaign, and those he shares his blessings with, see the world as something that is created by the choices and beliefs people hold, and the perspective they adopt as a result. Have hope and choose to take a positive outlook, and even the longest journey won’t seem as daunting. Likewise, if you allow yourself to fall into despair, the slightest breeze will thwart your every move. Many of the times Lemaign has influenced the world directly, it has been by somehow altering the perceptions of mortals: making what would be easy seem impossible or futile. Or alternatively by making what seems at the time to be a lost cause have some possible chance for success. Many of his clergy believe that the Mason King possesses a grand design for the entire world he is working towards unceasingly, building with the lives of man and dwarf just as other masons would build with wood and stone.

The Perfect: The Perfect are followers of Lemaign who believe that his ultimate goal is to bring about a utopia for all living beings. Core to their doctrine is the idea that all life is progressively growing towards greater states of social evolution that is being guided by Lemaign towards a perfect state of being. The Perfect believe that it is their god-given purpose to better the world in some way. However, not everyone within the sect agrees on what makes the world “better”.

Lemaign’s Allowed Domains: Sun, Charm, Darkness, Good (Alignment Permitting), Evil (Alignment Permitting)

Faiths and Powers


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