Faiths and Powers

(Awesome flavor text below written by Rick Toboz)

The gods never give without takin’. They’re two-sided. Some would say two-faced. Might be the best is to say they aren’t like us. Guess that comes from being older than the world. Maybe they know a few things we don’t. But fact is, they got a light side and a dark side, and if you want to deal with one, you’ve gotta deal with both. These two aspects might seem contradictr’y, but I guess the gods see them as two sides of the same coin.

That sure don’t make it easy to know what they want, though. They don’t talk to most folk, although them that call themselves “priests” seem to have a direct line. I heard one of ‘em say once, that the power of the gods don’t translate real well into our world. Mighty as they are, it’s real tiresome for them to show up in your back yard and start thrown’ lightning bolts. But give ‘em a mortal they can work with, and that’s when they really start cookin’ with gas. But it can’t be just any mortal. It’s gotta be someone in tune with their nature. Without that special connection, the juice won’t flow. It ain’t something you’re born with necessarily. Some folks start out normal, and then somethin’ happens to ‘em that puts them deeply in touch with one of the gods. I guess that’s what you’d call havin’ a religious experience.

But which side do they gotta tune into? That’s the question, ain’t it. Most priests you talk to will tell you that their side is the true path, and that everybody else is just foolin’ themselves. And any powers the others may happen to have come from someplace else. Demons, probably.

Well, I’m no expert on the gods, but I’ve been around a long time. And you know what I think? It don’t matter at all. If’n one preacher gets it into his head that Acobi wants him to punish them that break their vows, and another feels compelled to protect oath breakers, ya think Acobi cares either way? As long as oaths are gettin’ made, and broken, she can’t lose. So she might as well let her boys in the fancy hats come up with their own ideas about how to best carry out her will. Hell, they’d do that anyway. Prob’ly a hell of a lot easier than tryin’ to talk ’em out of it.

Course, that’s not to say the gods have no dealings with regular folks. There’s plenty of priests who like to gather up followers and use the powers of the gods to aid their flock. These guys bring some pretty impressive fringe benefits to being part of their little club. Usually a good idea not to cross them, less you know what you’re doin’. But there’s one other way that us ordinary types can get a little piece of what the gods have to offer: altars.

You can find them here and there, across the land. And I ain’t just talkin’ about a table with an idol on it; these are consecrated by the gods themselves. You’ll know if you find one. You get a sense of majesty, of some vast and inscrutable being greater than yourself. If’n a mortal kneels down at a god’s altar and asks for a blessing, he’ll get one, guaranteed. But like I said earlier, there’s always a price to be paid. It’s different for all of ‘em, but every blessing comes with a its own curse attached, just to balance things out. Often times, the blessing is worth the curse, but the gods ain’t about to go easy on a man just because he made a bad call. Lots of folks are destroyed by a price too high to pay. Don’ let nobody tell ya the gods ain’t cruel sometimes…

Acobi – The Chastened Maid

Garmuth – The Crippled Duke

Hense – The Veiled Widow

Lemaign – The Mason King

Micia – The Lorn Mother

Olak – The Carefree Son

Jevel – The Tower Keeper

Pyth – The Wakeful Bull

Roathus – The Gorging Host

Yudrig – The Morning Stallion

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Faiths and Powers

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