Pathfinder: Traildust

Sixth Game (05-27-13)

The group formed up at the southern road out of Murden’s Fall, preparing to head south on a mission from the Murden’s Fall Water Concern to harvest large amounts of water from several wells outside of town. Sargus, Raenor, and Damien signed on with the Water Concern as bodyguards, joining Lys, who had already done so, and the group headed out.

While on the road, Sargus and Raenor noticed that the group’s guide, Murray, was surreptitiously leaving a trail of arrows behind the caravan pointing in the direction they traveled. He claimed they were ‘trail signs’ to help them find their way back, but the group became suspicious that it may lead enemies straight to the caravan, so he agreed to stop.

The group, suspicious of Murray, had Damien sneak out of the camp that night and deliberately confuse the trail signs to point in other directions from the caravan. While out, he saw smoke from a campfire about a day’s distance behind the caravan. Shortly after he returned, Murray told Sargus, who was on watch, that he was leaving camp to use the bathroom. Leaving Damien to sleep, since he had already spent half the night confusing the trail signs, Sargus, Lys, and Raenor went out to find Murray, and discovered a trail of blood leading away from the caravan, but they were unable to find a body on following the trail, and returned to camp empty-handed.

The next day, Raenor was dispatched to the place Damien had pointed the trail signs to, where he found Murray, wounded but still armed. Murray explained that he had been jumped by some mysterious creature and had gotten lost, but Raenor saw this for the transparent lie that it was, and a brief fight ensued in which Murray was disabled quickly. In exchange for a quick death, he confessed that he had been sent by Elvandevil the Bandit Lord, who had put a price on the PC’s heads of 1,000 GP apiece. He said his partner, someone named Quincy, was following the group and was going to help kill or capture them, but since the trail markers were confused it seemed certain that Quincy would not be able to find the group again.

Moving on for the third day, Damien located a hidden water source, Blackthorn Spring, and was rewarded 100 GP by the Water Concern.

The group finally arrived at the farm, where a terrified farmer asked for their help dealing with some elves and orcs who were having a battle in their fields, tearing up the crops. The group ran into the fields to find two elves beset by five orcs. The group charged into battle and handily bested the orcs, killing four of them and making one surrender. The captured orc told the group they were seeking a blue ore that ‘twists all around them.’ The two surviving elves confirmed that they were looking for the same ore, but naturally they didn’t feel the same about its deleterious effects.

Damien wanted to speak to the farmers, but the elves wanted nothing to do with them, so the group split up with Damien and Lys going to speak to the farmers and Raenor and Sargus going with the elves. Damien discovered that the farmers had discovered a sinkhole in their southern field, which had revealed a subterranean tower as well as some of the blue ore everyone seems to want. Damien told the farmers to stay away from the hole until the ore had been removed, and then departed to catch up with the elves.



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