Pathfinder: Traildust

Fourth Game (04-27-13)

As the adventure opens, the PCs decided to make their way back to Murden’s Fall rather than confronting the rest of the bandits at the camp, even though it meant traveling through the night. Looting the last of the dead bandits’ food and water, they made their way by an old deer trail that Damien found, following some club-footed tracks headed the same direction. Ol’ Bloodeye showed up briefly, but the group warded him off with a lit torch.

Damien identified the tracks as belonging to some primordial, usually-subterranean creatures commonly called troglodytes, but even though they tried to avoid them, the PCs stumbled right onto a strange fortress they had constructed of worked stone palisades. A raiding band, led by a shaman named Ragrar, confronted the PCs, and Damien noticed that Ragrar carried a staff with a blue stone identical to the blue ore he had found earlier. Attempts at diplomacy were short and ineffectual, and a fight ensued.

The battle was fierce – the PCs were outnumbered 7 to 5, and the trogs rolled brutal critical hit after critical hit. One by one, combatants on both sides fell, until the only ones left standing were Lys and a single trog, both badly wounded. Lys swung and missed, and the trog bit back, striking a glancing blow that left Lys at exactly 0 hit points. She made one last valiant effort to slay the trog, but alas! She rolled a nat 1, and fell unconscious.

They awoke tied up and stripped of all items in a cave. Mysteriously, their wounds had been tended, and someone had painted strange patterns on their bodies. The trogs grabbed Damien, and placed him on some sort of basalt sacrificial altar, but the PCs were saved by the arrival of Ol’ Bloodeye, who swooped in, devoured the troglodyte priest, and scared the others off, allowing the PCs to gather their belongings and get to safety.

Nevertheless, they found that the Trogs had made off with all their money, gems, and several magical items, including the mysterious blue ore Damien had found. He took careful note of the way they took from the Trog warren to Murden’s Fall, with the intent to return and get back what belongs to him.



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