Pathfinder: Traildust

Seventh Game (09-14-13)

This is the first game after an extended hiatus.

The game started off with Sargus and Raenor meeting with the elves of the Beryl Tribe. Their elder, Mamduidae, wished to thank the PCs for saving her men from the orcs who were attacking them.

Sargus brokered a deal with the elder that he could ask her three questions in exchange for obtaining the magical object the orcs and elves were fighting over. Meanwhile, Lys stayed to watch the sinkhole while Damien went to track down Sargus and Raenor. Before Damien could leave, some villagers approached, but he talked them out of forming a militia to combat the elves and orcs. Instead, they agreed to hide out in their homes and to warn the party if they saw any orcs nearby.

Damien found the other half of the party quickly and they agreed to return to help extricate the Lodestone from the sinkhole. Meanwhile, Lys was approached by a group of seven orcs, looking for the sinkhole. Deciding she could not take on so many orcs singlehandedly, she instead hid out in the tall grass near the sinkhole. The orcs searched the area, but didn’t find her. Instead, they paused and had some strange conversation in orcish that no one could understand.

Damien, Sargus, and Raenor arrived and a battle ensued with the orcs. Damien made a bunch of racist comments and was struck down by their lawspeaker, but it set Sargus up for an amazingly timed color spray that knocked the lawspeaker and one of his minions unconscious, allowing the group to coup de grace them with impunity.

The party rested for the night and then descended into the sinkhole. Entering the tower within, they discovered a stone trap door that Lys shattered with her greatclub. Going deeper, they encountered a room with several dessicated corpses, a large cocoon, and a collapsed section of floor. Damien asked Lys to open the cocoon, and they were promptly attacked by a mysterious blue parasite and its corpse minions. During the battle, Lys was infected with parasite eggs requiring a cure disease spell to remove. Nevertheless, the group prevailed and discovered a green ring with magical properties.

Sixth Game (05-27-13)

The group formed up at the southern road out of Murden’s Fall, preparing to head south on a mission from the Murden’s Fall Water Concern to harvest large amounts of water from several wells outside of town. Sargus, Raenor, and Damien signed on with the Water Concern as bodyguards, joining Lys, who had already done so, and the group headed out.

While on the road, Sargus and Raenor noticed that the group’s guide, Murray, was surreptitiously leaving a trail of arrows behind the caravan pointing in the direction they traveled. He claimed they were ‘trail signs’ to help them find their way back, but the group became suspicious that it may lead enemies straight to the caravan, so he agreed to stop.

The group, suspicious of Murray, had Damien sneak out of the camp that night and deliberately confuse the trail signs to point in other directions from the caravan. While out, he saw smoke from a campfire about a day’s distance behind the caravan. Shortly after he returned, Murray told Sargus, who was on watch, that he was leaving camp to use the bathroom. Leaving Damien to sleep, since he had already spent half the night confusing the trail signs, Sargus, Lys, and Raenor went out to find Murray, and discovered a trail of blood leading away from the caravan, but they were unable to find a body on following the trail, and returned to camp empty-handed.

The next day, Raenor was dispatched to the place Damien had pointed the trail signs to, where he found Murray, wounded but still armed. Murray explained that he had been jumped by some mysterious creature and had gotten lost, but Raenor saw this for the transparent lie that it was, and a brief fight ensued in which Murray was disabled quickly. In exchange for a quick death, he confessed that he had been sent by Elvandevil the Bandit Lord, who had put a price on the PC’s heads of 1,000 GP apiece. He said his partner, someone named Quincy, was following the group and was going to help kill or capture them, but since the trail markers were confused it seemed certain that Quincy would not be able to find the group again.

Moving on for the third day, Damien located a hidden water source, Blackthorn Spring, and was rewarded 100 GP by the Water Concern.

The group finally arrived at the farm, where a terrified farmer asked for their help dealing with some elves and orcs who were having a battle in their fields, tearing up the crops. The group ran into the fields to find two elves beset by five orcs. The group charged into battle and handily bested the orcs, killing four of them and making one surrender. The captured orc told the group they were seeking a blue ore that ‘twists all around them.’ The two surviving elves confirmed that they were looking for the same ore, but naturally they didn’t feel the same about its deleterious effects.

Damien wanted to speak to the farmers, but the elves wanted nothing to do with them, so the group split up with Damien and Lys going to speak to the farmers and Raenor and Sargus going with the elves. Damien discovered that the farmers had discovered a sinkhole in their southern field, which had revealed a subterranean tower as well as some of the blue ore everyone seems to want. Damien told the farmers to stay away from the hole until the ore had been removed, and then departed to catch up with the elves.

Fifth Game (05-18-13)

The group arrived at Murden’s Fall this game, but since Rick wasn’t there and nobody else creates these adventure logs, this one sentence will have to do.

Fourth Game (04-27-13)

As the adventure opens, the PCs decided to make their way back to Murden’s Fall rather than confronting the rest of the bandits at the camp, even though it meant traveling through the night. Looting the last of the dead bandits’ food and water, they made their way by an old deer trail that Damien found, following some club-footed tracks headed the same direction. Ol’ Bloodeye showed up briefly, but the group warded him off with a lit torch.

Damien identified the tracks as belonging to some primordial, usually-subterranean creatures commonly called troglodytes, but even though they tried to avoid them, the PCs stumbled right onto a strange fortress they had constructed of worked stone palisades. A raiding band, led by a shaman named Ragrar, confronted the PCs, and Damien noticed that Ragrar carried a staff with a blue stone identical to the blue ore he had found earlier. Attempts at diplomacy were short and ineffectual, and a fight ensued.

The battle was fierce – the PCs were outnumbered 7 to 5, and the trogs rolled brutal critical hit after critical hit. One by one, combatants on both sides fell, until the only ones left standing were Lys and a single trog, both badly wounded. Lys swung and missed, and the trog bit back, striking a glancing blow that left Lys at exactly 0 hit points. She made one last valiant effort to slay the trog, but alas! She rolled a nat 1, and fell unconscious.

They awoke tied up and stripped of all items in a cave. Mysteriously, their wounds had been tended, and someone had painted strange patterns on their bodies. The trogs grabbed Damien, and placed him on some sort of basalt sacrificial altar, but the PCs were saved by the arrival of Ol’ Bloodeye, who swooped in, devoured the troglodyte priest, and scared the others off, allowing the PCs to gather their belongings and get to safety.

Nevertheless, they found that the Trogs had made off with all their money, gems, and several magical items, including the mysterious blue ore Damien had found. He took careful note of the way they took from the Trog warren to Murden’s Fall, with the intent to return and get back what belongs to him.

Third Game(04-13-13)

The group emerged from the cave into the harsh light of an unmapped section of the gorge. Despite fears that Ol’ Bloodeye might return, they ventured into the wasteland, using Damien’s pathfinding skills to find the way southwest towards Murden’s Fall. The harsh sun beat down on the group, particularly on Gus and Peter’s characters, who rapidly began to dehydrate, prompting the group to take a quick detour to a nearby oasis that Damien found.

There they met the orc, Rathin the Bloody-Handed. Although Damien and Lys were against it, Sargus approached him and discovered that he was more or less peaceful. After some awkward orcish chit-chat, the group learned that he comes from an orcish village to the north. He also revealed, after Damien promised to spare the next greenskin he encountered, that a group of ‘little pink men,’ which is probably the bandits, is camped out in a cave complex several hours to the north, and that they had sent out a small band to deliver a peace offering to his village. The group decided, against Sargus’ reservations, to try to ambush the bandit group before they could deliver the peace offering.

They also learned that the oasis contained a Shrine to Roathus. Unfortunately, none of the PCs were able or willing to reach it because it was at the top of a small cliff, and Damien can’t climb worth shit.

The group tracked down the bandit caravan pretty easily with Damien’s survival skill. They were camped out in the gorge, and Damien formulated a plan to wait until they fell asleep, sneak in, and kill as many as they could before the sentries noticed. While Sargus and Lys lay in wait, Damien and Peter’s character sneaked expertly into the camp, killing four out of nine bandits before anyone noticed.

A one-sided battle ensued, with the PCs easily prevailing against the remaining bandits after a couple of nasty crits from Peter’s character and Lys. The group killed all but one bandit, who surrendered and was questioned by Damien. He revealed that the bandits have their headquarters in the caves underneath Hunter’s Roost, Ol’ Bloodeye’s lair. There are about 50 of them, many marshal-trained. They use torches to keep Bloodeye away, and the presence of the roc deters others from raiding them.

The PCs then looted their equipment, including the Peace Offering, which contained all their lost equipment, plus what is listed in the stash notes.

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